Bobbie (bobbie__thomas) wrote,

What a busy weekend! Hell, busy week.

Ryan and I spent a lot of time between our houses, packing up my things and moving them to his house. I never realized just how much junk I had. It was good, though. I managed to throw a lot of things away, things that were just lying around the house collecting dust.

But it also made me look at some of the things that are important to me. Like the elephants Joshua gets me whenever he goes out of the country. He read somewhere that they're good luck and he told me one night that if anyone deserved some good luck, it was me. He started buying them as a joke, I think, but then he didn't stop. I made sure to package them carefully so they wouldn't break. They're something that's going to be displayed.

And pictures. God, I have so many pictures. Family photos, pictures of my friends, vacations I took...I never realized how many I had just sitting around the house. Ryan and I talked about it, and we're going to take one of his walls and just hang them all. My pictures, his pictures, our pictures...all of them.

Anyway. On Saturday, I spent the day cleaning out Ryan's closet so I had some damn room. I mean, really, how many pink shirts does one guy need? But he brought my clothes over that morning, so I had no choice. Little did I know how long it was going to take. I banished him from the room, so he couldn't protest me throwing things out that he thinks he needs.

It's sad, though, leaving my place. It's the first thing I ever did all on my own. I found it, bought it, decorated it, paid for it...everything. It's the first thing that was mine. It's sad to leave that behind.

Although. After I was done cleaning the closet and my stuff was in there we went back to my house and we got the rest of the things that I'm bringing. And for the first time, I stepped into that house and it wasn't his anymore. It was ours. I walked into our bedroom and sat on our bed.

While I'm still sad about leaving my place? Those feelings made it better, knowing this was real and official and wasn't going to change. Not ever.
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