Bobbie (bobbie__thomas) wrote,

The week leading up to the Grammy Awards is always so busy and stressful for me. Since I'm a correspondent for E!, I have to book times to tape segments, I have to go and help edit them, and add that into the final dress fittings, hair and makeup prep and finding the perfect shoes or accessories and by the time the awards roll around, I'm so tired I don't even want to go. But it's always a good time. The worst part is doing the segments on the gifts the celebrities get, since they usually can't be taped until Friday, sometimes Saturday, before the awards. So it's like a weeks worth of work in a day, basically. But it always manages to come together.

This year I did a segment on how celebrities stay in shape and the latest fitness trends. I actually went out and took a strip aerobics class, complete with pole. It was so much fun. I was surprised. And let me tell you, it's a lot of hard work. I enjoyed it so much I signed up for more classes. Great way to stay in shape. Plus, now I can make some extra money on the side. ;)

Ryan's been pretty busy lately, too, with Idol. We have a deal, since I don't really want to go to the shows every night, I go once a week. Last week I went for the results show, and that was pretty boring. I guess I should go to the performance show, that would make more sense. Last night was the guys, and for some reason, I had nothing to do so I watched it on TV, and they were pretty good. I was impressed. So maybe next week I'll go to see them. Plus, some of them are hot. Bonus. Ryan's going to make me go to the girls show now, I just know it.

Other than that, my days have been pretty boring. Maybe when Idol calms down a bit and it's only twice a week, things can get back to normal. Which is also boring, but at least Ryan's around.
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